Samara, Samarskaya Str. 131

Open 9:00 – 21:30


  • 3 face treatments
    + 1 for free
  • Hair coloring + haircut for free!
  • Laminating eyelashes + eyebrow correction for free!

При покупке 3 процедур "виски-пеленания" - вибро-массаж в СПА капсуле в подарок.

«Golden Dragon» - the best SPA-salon and beauty salon in Samara

Nowadays, not many people manage to avoid stress, aggressive environmental effects, they can’t refuse a non-active lifestyle, stressful work, bad eating behavior. The fast life of the big city, emotional stressing out, chronic fatigue syndrome - that is what describes the standards of living in the megacity, which is Samara.

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Do you dream about rest, but you cannot go to the sea? Do you want to relax and rejuvenate? No need to take tickets for expensive resorts, just come to our salon "Golden Dragon"! We will be happy to help you recover both your physical and emotional forces by choosing an individual program of rest. Our beauty salon is a real island of happiness in such a bustling and noisy city. Do not refuse something that can give you joy, pleasure and, what's more important, health!

We offer you SPA programs that include various procedures, but with the same goals - the harmony of the soul and body, the charge of cheerfulness through relaxation, healing with a note of pleasure.

We appreciate and respect the individuality of each client, so all our masters are trying to give something new and unique to every guest. To make this happen all SPA operators of our salon have completed the training course in SPA SCHOOL INTERNATIONAL (international school of SPA), and the masseurs have mastered all the secrets of Thai massage in Thailand in the monastery of the reclining Buddha - in the center of THE WATPO TRADITIONAL MEDICAL SCHOOL. And we are not going to stop!

Each woman is truly beautiful, and we suggest that we emphasize this beauty by bringing it to divine perfection.

Our salon offers a wide range of services for achieving any goals::

  • hairdresser services, hair coloring and treatment;
  • pedicure and manicure on any technology;
  • cosmetology procedures;
  • massage sessions;
  • correction of body shape and weight;
  • SPA procedures;
  • professional make-up and much, much more.

We offer you not only to get pleasure yourself, but also to give it to your relatives - there are always gift certificates on sale. A pleasant addition to our island of happiness will be a greater choice of decorative and professional cosmetics.

To change life for the better - it's so easy, if you come to our beauty salon "Golden Dragon".
Rejoice yourself as often as possible, and we will be glad to help you with this!

For evening service, which ends after 22-00, an additional fee of 200 rubles per person is charged.